this girl loves creating art!

I'm a southern gal. My three sisters & I grew up in a fun, creative home in a small town in North Carolina. I have wonderful memories of lots of crafty art projects, creative off, off, off Broadway play productions and inventive stores. Our creativity was and still is strongly encouraged by our parents, and played a huge part in my desire to utilize my creativity and become a designer. My company name is a total representation of the different phases of my life. Tava is the first letter of each one of my names - first, middle, maiden & married.

I love all types of design from whimsical invitations to yummy party creations & food presentations to beautiful furniture and home furnishings. I have worked as a graphic designer with my freelance business, tava designs LLC, for many years and really enjoy designing invitations, paper goods, typography, wall art etc.

Thanks for taking a look at my website. Feel free to email me at; I'd love to hear from you!